Ania Malinowska

treatment programs

Systematic Professional Re-Boot

A cognitive-emotional re-boost program within the Feeling Cure approach designed for individuals struggling with burnout, procrastination, career path choice, professional performance and other forms of professional crisis who wish to break from the destructive cycle. Based on hypnotic methods anchored in sentient cognition therapies, this 7-to-12 session program offers 60 minute online or live meetings aimed at overcoming professional issues in response to individual situation, conditioning and needs.

Systematic Self Re-Feel

An emotional recuperation program within the Feeling Cure approach designed for high-performance professionals to help them face day-to-day work challenges in a balanced and self-aware way. Based on hypnotic methods anchored in rapid result therapies, this program offers twenty-five-minute online sessions executed over the period of four or six weeks (depending on the package) that restore emotional balance, equanimity, assertiveness and a sense of agency. The sessions are delivered over a conference platform used by a company or proposed by a hypnotherapist. They can be joined anonymously at designated hours by any eligible company member who signs up for the program. The sessions are a wonderful way to start a finish a work day and improve the working environment merging benevolence and productivity as mutually inclusive factors. They bring a new professional quality to the working contexts, equating professionalism and individual well-being.