Ania Malinowska


I am a licensed hypnotist oriented on emotional imbalances and cognitive patterns.
My hypnotic expertise spans across different styles and schools of therapy. This includes Cognitive-Behavioral Hypnosis (license from The UK College of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy), Ericksonian Hypnosis (license from The Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Phoenix AZ), hypnoanalysis anchored in Sanomentology (license from Sanomentology. Physical, Mental and Spiritual Healing). I also work with Emotion Code (license from Bradley Nelson’s Discover Healing Group) and a feeling cure: a method of my own invention. DIPLOMAS


Feeling Cure® (“FC”) is a multi-modular therapy based on hypnotic approaches and is aimed at the activation of emotional subconsciousness for the overall improvement of one’s affective well-being. Alternatively to the talking cure used in psychoanalysis, FC® steps away from verbal inquiry and explanation as a source of relief; instead, it uses self-suggestion (self-activation) that moves a person’s mind from a cerebral mode to an associative mode wherein all effective change happens. This method addresses a variety of EMOTIONAL PAIN to deal with two specific groups of problems: WORK ANXIETY & DISSATISFACTION (especially burn-out, impostor syndrome, career choice, performance pressure): group and individual sessions. TREATMENT PROGRAMMS

RELATIONSHIP ANXIETY & DISSATISFACION (especially (post)break-up syndrome, divorce/separation stress, dating apprehension; attachment styles): individual sessions.

treatment programs devised individually


I am a cultural theorist and Professor of Media and Cultural Studies with an interest in emotional cultures and the semiotics of feelings.

I study how people function emotionally in technologically saturated environments. I am especially interested in technologically shaped forms of togetherness and emotional traditions under digitalism. I specialize in love with technologies and robot cultures – the way they impact human emotional cultures and cultural psychologies.

my work

This track of my research sprouted from my earlier work on cultural normalcy which led to my interest in emotional materiality and semiotics. That specific expertise developed further during my Fulbright Fellowship at The New School in New York (where I worked as a senior researcher) and oriented more towards critical posthumanism and cultural semiotics both slanted to sentient AI and the formation of emotional norms. I rehearse those problems through a variety of academic and creative projects or initiatives, including CCTS, NEST, Unhappy Ending Project, and my own research on future sensitive media and past love technologies.

More information can be found in my books and my other publications accessed via ORCID or ACADEMIA.EDU websites.


I am a bilingual writer, poet, cultural critic and textual experimenter.

My books – academic and creative – revolve around love and togetherness, synthesizing cultural technologies and misconceptions of feelings and how they function in relationships. Believing that when it comes to love we have never been human and that love is an ensemble of codes we practice and enact, my writing rehearses post-cultural tropes of loving such as the unhappy ending, emotional error, artificial sentience, and emotional unconscious. A practitioner of traditional forms of writing (in poetry and fiction), I am also a proponent of textrapolation, a method of poetic experimentation based on the intuitive assemblage I employ for her cutout and stamp poems.




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